picture of Toronto skylineIf you are, or hope to be, a professional practitioner in mental health or  human services, Adler's mission is to support your success. 
  • In our Master of Psychology degree, you will experience graduate professional education and training that is unique in its practical, applied approach to learning clinical and counselling psychology. If you are an experimental or academic psychologist and wish to retrain for clinical work, you may enroll in individual courses.
  • Students not currently possessing a traditional four year honours undergraduate degree in 
    Psychology or those who did not initially choose Psychology as a career path can bridge the gap between current academic qualifications and those required by the Master of Psychology (M.Psy) degree through ADLER's custom-designed Transitional Equivalency in Psychology program.
  • Our ICF accredited Professional Coach Training Program  will take you deeply into the “Heart, Art & Science“of human transformation by ensuring that you “know" and "do" coaching as well as "be" a coach. 
  • Through the Faculty of Psychotherapy, you will learn to apply the latest advances in Trauma Psychotherapy and in Adlerian Psychotherapy, as well as general competencies required for any psychotherapist.
  • FREE Discussion Series - 2nd Friday of Every Month - The Many Hearts of Psychotherapy - Sponsored by the Alliance of Psychotherapy Training Institutions (APTI) - CLICK HERE for more information and to Register.

All of ADLER's programs offer a unique learning experience that emphasizes comprehensive understanding of theoretical models combined with evidence-based skills for applying techniques effectively to a wide range of clinical and demographic populations. Courses are taught using experiential principles appropriate for adult learners.

Quality assurance, regulation, certification... no professional today can ignore market and legal demands for demonstrating high standards in the services we all provide. If your chosen profession is psychology, professional coaching, specific modalities and foundational competencies in psychotherapy, we offer unique preparation for your unique future.


About AODA

The Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA) is an important piece of legislation that required ADLER to thoughtfully develop, implement and uphold accessibility standards to support persons with disabilities in Ontario. ADLER is committed to providing a rich learning and working environment that respects individual’s dignity, independence, offers an integration of services and provides equal opportunity. This accessibility document articulates ADLER’s policies that support the applicable regulated areas under the AODA including:  Customer Service Standard  Information and Communications Standard  Employment Standard. ADLER has introduced and will maintain a comprehensive training program on each of the above standards. All staff and faculty including any volunteers (aka ‘staff’) will complete the training requirements and a detailed record of this training will be maintained to ensure staff comply with the necessary training requirements as outlined in the legislative standards.

As a graduate professional school, it is critically important that we provide quality accessible services to our staff, faculty, students and the public. The Accessible Customer Service Standard under AODA is applicable to all organization in Ontario that provide goods and services directly to the public or other groups.

ADLER will meet the information and communication needs of people with disabilities by providing, upon request, information and communication materials in accessible formats and/or with communication supports. New information and communications produced by ADLER will be created and provided in ways that are accessible for people with disabilities.

The Ontario Human Rights Code requires all employers to meet the accommodation needs of employees with disabilities to the point of undue hardship. The Employment Standard, as part of AODA, builds on this requirement and is intended to help people with disabilities participate in the labour force and our economy. ADLER has integrated the Employment Standard into our standard recruitment processes and employment policies to make them more accessible. ADLER will meet the accommodation needs of staff, prospective staff and students with disabilities by providing, upon request, accommodations for disabilities.

ADLER has developed and embraced the Accessible Customer Service Policy, the Information and Communications Policy and the Employment Standard Policy to formalize our practices relating to the provision of accessible customer service and to provide guidance on how to interact with people with disabilities. ADLER’s goal is to provide quality customer service that clearly represent our values and mission while maintaining compliance with legislative requirements.


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If you are, or hope to be a professional practitioner in mental health or human systems and services, Adler's mission is to support your success.
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