Adler's Faculty of Professional Coaching stresses experiential, hands-on, applied learning.
We believe you must use the skills developed to own them. From the very first day of our Foundations course and throughout the certificate program, you will coach under the supervision of our expert
faculty, so that you will personify the coaching paradigm, and DO as well as KNOW coaching.

The Faculty's coursework is done primarily in person at our downtown Toronto location, with teleclasses, online workshops and distance learning as supplements. At Adler, our belief is that nothing can replace personal contact as an aid to learning. Subsequent Practicum sessions are offered both in person and via a distance learning format to accommodate different needs.

Adler's Faculty of Professional Coaching draws upon our wealth of experience in providing coaching, training and leadership development programs in both the public and private sectors for clients such as Scotiabank & Scotia Wealth, Ericsson, CBC, The Regional Municipality of Peel, Export Development Canada, CIBC Wood Gundy, Kaiser Permanente, Motorola and more.

Additionally, we partner with our Adler Professional Coaching organizations in the United States, Turkey, Russia and Scandinavia to share a global perspective in the field of Professional Coaching that is unique to Adler.

The Adler Approach to Professional Coaching

The philosophical foundation of the Adler School is rooted in the science-of-living system developed by Alfred Adler (1870-1937). Dr. Adler was a Viennese psychiatrist whose
theories were far enough ahead of their time that they continue to be considered current. Adlerian Psychology emphasizes the uniqueness of every individual and stresses the individual's relationship with society.

Adler has been called the "grandfather of coaching." He recognized the intricate interplay of social/cultural and family/individual life. He thought of mind and body as an integrated whole. He gave credit to people's creativity in solving problems, even if the solution created more problems. And, most importantly, he wanted to apply his theories to everyday life, not just to subjects in a research study.

The Adler Faculty of Professional Coaching recognizes strong parallels between Adlerian principles and coaching precepts. We highlight those congruencies to provide an additional context and framework for students to consider and use in their coaching, but do not actively teach Adlerian theory in our coaching classes.

Adlerian theory may be understood & remembered using the acronym "SUPER":

S: Social interest is a barometer of mental health, and connectedness is essential. The "S" can also be seen to stand for "service to others".

U: Unity of the individual. In contrast to atavistic models (such as ego/id), Adlerian theory holds the premise that there is something that unites us in some style. The whole of the person is more than the sum of his/her parts.

P: Private logic. We don't experience reality directly; we filter it through our beliefs, assumptions and experience.

E: Equality. We're not the same, but we're equal, and equally entitled. Mutual respect and dignity are essential concepts in Adlerian thought.

R: Reasons for our behavior. Behavior moves towards our goals, and our actions are purposeful towards those goals. Our conclusions create a pre-formed inner logic.

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